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 Wildfire Protection Systems


Extreme weather events and changing climate can wreak havoc on properties and could potentially have a devastating effect on your life. We constantly see stories on the news or read online about entire communities - or even countries – that have been devastated by natural disasters. What many people don’t realize is that there are highly advanced products, and proven preventative measures that can be used to dramatically lessen the tragic impacts of these natural disasters. Increasing your knowledge of the products that are available to protect you could potentially save your home or even your life.


The purpose of Climate-Proofing is to present available, unique, and sometimes surprising products that can be used to protect communities and homes from the ravages of extreme weather events worldwide. In particular, the flood, fire, and wind pages provide lists of companies that offer products that help to protect communities and businesses. Such inventions range from varieties of storm protection for windows (including hurricane window protection and impact resistant windows) to flood protection products, home fire protection products, and even wildfire protection systems. The businesses developing these products are all award winning companies that have been recognized by boards or peers for excellence and/or innovation.


Just a few of these surprising available products include:

  • siding that is non-combustible and formulated from sand, Portland cement, and wood fiber

  • homes and apartment complexes that are situated on water

  • panseals to keep your toilet from backing up

  • bird stop eave closures - designed to keep flames from getting to bird nests near your attic due to openings near the open edges of a roof


Many countries, provinces, cities and communities have trusted and used these listings from to learn about different ways to defend their properties from hurricanes, wildfires, and flooding. These officials have written us letters and have even called us to express how the information on this website has helped them to make policy decisions for their areas of the world.


We take pride in providing a superior listing of products that anyone looking to protect themselves or their community from a natural disaster could benefit from.